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Falling Sideways - Our latest site-specific project will touch down at several locations across the country in 2021. Test run completed in Ohio in October 2020. Next up: Texas.

SEAFOAM PALACE is an arts organization that celebrates absurdity in all its curious shapes and sizes. Based loosely in Detroit, we’re a mobile nonprofit entity whose members have engaged in unconventional events, performances, exhibitions and publishing projects in many international cities for over 20 years. Here in Detroit, we offer workshops and happenings designed to stimulate a sense of playfulness and wonder. We invite you on a journey to the strangely hued edges of your imagination, to the outlandish and perplexing, and look forward to leaving you inspired and confused. Welcome to our Palace!

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Dirty Happy Hour

We dug up an intriguing site for our recent Art in Curious Places – an industrial ruin filled with layers of decaying dime-store products, offering a dramatic architectural setting around lots of melted, shattered and mutating objects with new plant life emerging from the cracks. Artists showed up with pencils, ink and watercolors, pulled up …

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We’re moving!

Actually we’ve been moving all the time and will continue to stay in motion as we leave our museum building in Detroit. We’re sad to say goodbye to our little outpost but, frankly, the many needed repairs have also been weighing us down. Our group has been catapulting all over the place for the last …

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Meatball in Repose

Who knew Mary Poppins was around in the Renaissance? Or that ancient tombs can magically turn into aquariums filled with crabs and cows? The world is full of surprises, and some of them are now on display right here on Woodward Avenue. Starting in August 2018, a selection of our animated classical paintings is lighting …

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Mysterious Landings at the David Whitney

We’re just a few days away from unveiling our latest installation – a series of animated paintings in the windows of the classic David Whitney Building in downtown Detroit. The launch is planned for August 27 and the pieces will be up at least til the end of September. We’ll share more information soon!

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The Seven Wonders of Detroit

If you had to pick, which sites would you choose for the 7 Wonders of Detroit? Inspired by the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World (like the pyramids at Giza and hanging gardens of Babylon), we’re starting a search for outstanding places in Detroit – locations that have made an especially monumental impact and deserve …

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The Dreaded Slideshow

Friday, May 11 2018 Sometimes you have a travel experience that’s just too good not to share. Decades ago, you’d invite your neighbors for a pitcher of martinis as you showed off your RV in fresh Kodakchrome slides. Images on social media have replaced this trend, but where’s the martini in that? And what if …

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