The Dreaded Slideshow

Friday, May 11 2018

Sometimes you have a travel experience that’s just too good not to share. Decades ago, you’d invite your neighbors for a pitcher of martinis as you showed off your RV in fresh Kodakchrome slides. Images on social media have replaced this trend, but where’s the martini in that? And what if you have a great story?

In our new series, we’re bringing back old-fashioned slideshow evenings with tourist wonders. See where your friends have been and let it inspire you to explore. Join us as 3 travelers share their experiences of marvelous places in a relaxed salon-style setting. Maybe your adventure will be next?

Photos by: Evelyn Block, Charlene Uresy, Susan Dundon

Presented by Seafoam Palace & hosted by Detroit Artist Test Lab, 14600 Mack (near Alter), Detroit

Doors open at 8 pm, slideshows start at 8:30

Suggested donation: $5 / includes a refreshment on the house

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